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Do you feel comfortable with processed food? I don't and here's why

Before I became a mother I was not paying much attention to processed foods. I considered them convenient, easy, reliable and time-saving. Doubts started when I became responsible for a very innocent soul new to the world. Things worsen when I went to a conference givent by a dietician. And now that I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I am very suspicious about processed foods.

Here is why:

- the list of ingredients is too long

- some ingredients have nothing to do with the recipe (eggs in parmesan, egg whites in mayonnaise, added sugar everywhere, too much salt, to name a few)

- you pay water the price of expensive ingredients

- you cannot name some ingredients

- they cannot be reused or transformed to avoid waste

- there are too many scientific evidence that they are harmful to our health

- and they involve too much packaging causing many environmental issues

How did I do to get rid of them?

- get back to my kitchen

- accept failures

- persist

- develop time-saving strategies

- learn

- become a Nutrition Health Coach to help me, my family and others

Want to follow my path? Need help? Contact me!

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