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How much vegetable do you eat everyday?

I am a member of different cooks communities on social media and I am quite surprised by the pictures of meals people post. I see carbs, proteins, dairy and some vegetables (5 French beans, 1 slice of tomato, 1 leaf of salad and so on).

Do you know how much you should get?

I have a very good news: there is no limit! Of course it is better to associate them with other ingredients, but they are the champions of vitamins and nutrients.

So the minimum right amount is 5 portions per day. To figure this, let's simplify and say that it represents 5 times the palm of your hand.

How to reach that if you don't?

- eat soups

- explore new veggies

- try those that can be eaten raw

- spice them up

- add flavors such as fresh or dried herbs

- add roasted seeds

- add butter, olive oil, homemade dressing

- present them nicely so the eye gets attracted

- call me for help !

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