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Let's talk about another white powder: salt

We can not live without salt. We need it for many functions in our body amongst which: regulate our pH, keep water, and maintain a proper nervous system.

But today less is best. Used as a preservative, and to enhance flavors, it is overused by the industry.

The consequences: scientific evidence of increase in cardio-vascular diseases, overweight (too much water and fats in the body)...The WHO recommends a safe portion of 1 tea spoon a day (6g of salt or 2.5g sodium) as shown in my picture.

For example if you are having a hamburger and French fries in a fast food, it represents around 1.5g sodium. It leaves you with 1g sodium, or 2.5g salt for the 2 other meals.

The best way to control your intake is then to add your own salt, avoid processed foods, reduce your taste for it by adding herbs and/or spices.

If you feel that you are retaining too much water, try dandelion infusion and leek soup.

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