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Asking for help

14 years ago my husband and I had to face the most difficult challenge in our life. We knew we would never be able to face it alone. So we decided to cover our ego, ask for help and accept all offered help. We knew that we may never have the opportunity to give back.

But a war is a war and you need as many weapons as possible to fight and take a chance to win. Even if you have no guarantee you are going to win. At least you will never regret not to have given it a try.

Fortunately the war is over and we won. We also found ways to give back to some people.

If your are struggling in your life with issues that make you feel weak, down, unable: do not be ashamed to ask for help. This could be your luck !

Want to discuss that with me ? Do not hesitate to contact me and we will find out if I could help you.



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