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Shwetha : "I had chronic gut issues. As a result, my energy level was uneven and I felt heavy. By guiding me to choose a healthier lifestyle with healthier eating habits, Aurelie as a coach has changed my life. She is friendly, approachable, non judgmental and easy to talk to. Now I feel more energetic, lighter on my gut and good about myself.

I would recommend Aurelie to everyone I know is going through health issues."

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Elizabeth: "I needed to eat better, loose weight and manage my energy level along the day. Aurelie is patient and kind. I would recommend her to those who are looking for a gentle guide, who gives subtle suggestions and choices. Aurelie was able to discern side issues that I had never event thought about, and bringing solutions to those made some nice changes in my life"

Karine: "I asked Aurelie to guide me to be more organized, stop procrastinating, and stick to my goals. She suggested choices and provided customed materials. Now I can handle my emotions, and I stick to my projects. I would recommend Aurelie to people who need advice in their life to make changes. Aurelie is very honest and has a lot to give. 

Renaud: "My goals were to stay off sugar and cigarettes, and to start exercising. Aurelie would listen to me without ever judging me. The mom tangible change was the huge decrease of my bad cholesterol, and the most significant has been my weight loss. Aurelie is truth worthy, knowledgeable and very effective"

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