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Are you seeking for cost efficient recipes? Do you live on a budget?

My book "Cooking for $1" is for you.

Discover 70 easy recipes that cost less than $1 a portion. 

Get examples of plates that are less than $1

Get ideas of balanced meals that cost less that $1

Be inspired to make your own variation

Do you want to hire the perfect sous-chef for your kitchen?

In April, the great news I have been expecting for 4 years was finally announced right here in Atlanta: I am now an independent consultant for the Thermomix, the most efficient and compact cooking appliance in the world. call me for a free cooking experience right into your kitchen. 

Are your puzzled and don't know where to start? 

Contact me so we can figure out together if I could coach you and guide you, like all my customers so far. Weight loss, meal balance, physical exercise, relationships, family communication. 

It is my passion to have a positive impact on you.

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