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Invest in your sleep

Think sleeping is a waste of time? Think twice... it is an investment in your health.

Recent research show that one source of Alzheimers-epidemy could come from lack of sleep.

Regular poor sleep has impacts on : mood, stress, digestion, memory, focus, physical activity. at least.

I used to experiment terrible insomnias. 3.30 am : eyes wide open, brain running like a steam machine, then finally fall asleep a little and be woken up by this devil alarm. Not the best start for a new day.

How did I cure myself with ZERO medicine ?

First, I realized I was trying to sleep too much... I thought I needed 9 hours, so I was in bed by 10:00pm for a wake-up at 7:00am the next day (obviously). 8 hours is my need. So now I go to bed at 11:00pm.

Second, I was often woken up by bathroom trip need. So my latest cup of tea happens no later than 10:00pm.

Third, I cut all carbs during the day and only have a little for dinner.

The result : no more insomnias and I wake up some minutes before my alarm comes off ! My mood is far better.

Other fields to consider :

- invest in a good bed

- rest on your favorite pillow (somebody's body if you want!)

- make your bed every single day

- change linens at least once a week

- switch off all electronics

- read something written on paper before sleep time

- sleep in the darkest environment possible

- try to obtain the quieter surrounding

- choose the safest place in the house

If your have questions and concerns about the quality of your sleep, contact me!

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