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Are you sugar addicted ?

DEFINITELY = you can not stop eating sweet food once you start. You frequently think about sweet food. You have sugar cravings. You drink anything but plain water. You enjoy alcohol everyday.

MAYBE = you end all your meals with dessert. You know that your sugar intake is probably too high but you don’t know where it’s hidden. You feel more energized when you have some sugar.

NOT AT ALL = you never eat sugar, feel great and energized along the day, sleep deeply and are aware of hidden sugars.

Why is sugar a problem ?

It is one of the most universally appreciated taste. It gives pleasure, but as I say :

When life is sour, a sweet is a quick fix, but does not make the treat !

When you realise what sugar does to teeth made of this very strong enamel, I let you imagine what damages it can do to other parts of the body……………………. Pretty scary.

How to get rid of it ?

- play Sherlock Holmes, get an encyclopedia and a magnifying glass.

Or if you want an easier path, avoid any processed food. Cans, sauces, prep meals, dairy “without” (it it is without it usually contains something else), industrialized bread, saussages, ham and so on. You would rather add your own spoon of organic whole cane sugar than eating processed food. The WHO recommends not exceeding 6 teaspoons of sugar for women and 9 for men daily.

  • increase your water intake : we need on average 1 gallon water daily. We get some from food and beverages, but the best it to drink plain water first thing in the morning, and between meals throughout the day. Sometimes the impact is that one needs to visit the bathroom often. But you are clearing your system. How important is that ? And by the way, you make some walking exercise at the same time !

  • eat naturally sweet vegetables : carrot, sweet potato, beets.

  • better crave for plain fruits than sweets. Many more benefits for you : fibers, vitamins, nutrients, saliva increase

  • eat good fats ! No, I did not make a mistake. You get twice as more energy from fat than from any other food. And we need those for our temper, our joints, our brain, our organs, our skin. Good fats are from nuts, olive, avocado, sunflower, canola, grapeseed oil, coconut oil. The best is to vary and eat a little. Moderation is the key.

Still struggling to make the first step ?

Don’t know where to start ?

Need support ?

Contact me for a free 50-minute consultation about your goals, your motivation and how I could encourage you !

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