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Having fun in the bathroom ?

How is your metabolism ?

Very slow = Your restroom doest not see many results of your gut during the week. If you spend time there it can last until you really rest, but it is not dreams you make. Kind of a nightmare.

Slow = You go to the restroom every other day. You feel like you are carrying a stone in your gut most of the time. Evacutation is not as easy as you wish.

Average = you make your duty once a day. Not the best moment of your life, but it is quick, efficient and you feel light.

Too quick = other chapter ! I will write about that if asked. Needs eventually to be seriously addressed.

What are influencers ?

Genes might be part of the issue. Not comfortable asking your parents and siblings about it ? Just consider you may have an excuse somewhere here.

Fields to be considered : exercise, water, stress, food intake, fibers.

How to get it on average ?

Easier to say than do, but here are some tips :

  • exercise everyday, even a little bit

  • drink at least 3/4 gallon daily

  • manage stress and get enough sleep

  • balance your food intake according to the time of the day, in quality and quantity

If you struggle and want a kind non-judgemental space to talk about those issues, do not hesitate to contact me. I started working as a health coach 6 months ago and I already have 2 clients with similar issues who got rid of chronic constipation.

I know that it is not super glamourous to talk about that but having a healthy gut has many impacts on the quality of life : mood, sleep, energy, even relationships !

Contact me for a free 50-minute consultation about your goals, your motivation and how I could encourage you !

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