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About processed foods

I believe we don't need processed foods. Why ? Because we already have the processor. We don't need pre-masticated, pre-eaten, pre-digested food. We have teeth, gastric acids and biome in our gut. Why getting other to do the job ?

These are the reasons why I mainly cook at home, I avoid supplements and I first check in my pantry to cure some small diseases.

As for burgers, once in a while why not, but not my favorite choice : soft bun (with sugar), minced meat, 1 slice of tomato, 1 salad leaf, 2 onion rings and poor plastic-like cheese. Not a balanced meal !

So, you'll ask me what would be a balanced burger ? Grass-fed beef (1 slice) or kidney beans, 1 piece of whole grain bread, 1/2 salad, some fresh goat cheese, 1 whole peeled tomato, some onion, herbs and sour pickles.

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